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Veronica Andrulat

Expecting a simple nine month pregnancy journey was the plan, but it seems like that is never what the world has in store for me. 

This website is to showcase and share my story in the hopes to spread awareness of miscarriage and stillbirth.

A Little About Me

I am a twenty-eight year old residing in the DFW area. Originally from Southern Connecticut, I (with my husband, Alec) relocated to Texas in September of 2019 (the same month we got married)!

Alec and I met on Tinder in the winter of 2014 and started dating January 1, 2015. Alec proposed to me in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (where we had our first official date) on September 9, 2018. We got married in Connecticut on September 7, 2019.

We have two cats, Carlos & Fox, and enjoy traveling the world, volunteering for the community (through work and our love for robotics), and eating amazing food.


Some Details (and Frequently Asked Questions)

At 22 weeks and 3 days pregnant (on June 8, 2023), my water broke (medical term: membrane rupture/PPROM).

With heavy hearts, on June 16, 2023 at around 7PM, we found out that our baby boy no longer had a heartbeat. Shortly after, we began the induction process to perform a stillbirth. At around 8AM on June 17, 2023, our very strong baby boy was pronounced dead.

After two miscarriages (at 5 weeks in June 2022 and again at 8 weeks in August 2022), we were so excited to hit 20 weeks of pregnancy mark and did not even imagine this possibility. I was already labeled a high risk pregnancy (shortly before hitting 20 weeks) after a 48 hour previous stay at the hospital (that made it impossible for me to fly to my own baby shower) diagnosing me with multiple pregnancy related complications (medical terms: placenta previa, vasa previa, and velamentous cord insertion which less than .04% of pregnancies per year have/experience). All complications are unknown causes and treatments, other than mandatory bed rest (which lasted over a month). The cause of death is believed to be due to the loss of fluid (PPROM) and compression of the umbilical cord (which could not have been predicted, prevented or treated).

This is just a friendly reminder, when talking with people about their pregnancies and pregnancy journey, lead with empathy. Choose your words carefully and ask people if they feel comfortable before asking more questions. If you cannot and/or do not know how to lead with empathy, please do not have these conversations with people as certain words, phrases, etc. can be triggering. 

Hold your babies (human and fur) a little tighter for us and give them all the love you can.

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