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Unasked Questions

I know there may be a lot of questions you may want to ask (just because we are all curious humans). I have answered some of them below:

Did you know this was a possibility of happening?

No. Even our doctor’s did not expect this to be a possibility.

So, how long were you in the hospital for (before and after delivery)?

After 8 days, we found out our baby boy did not have a heartbeat. I delivered on day 9 and discharged on day 10.

Wait, so you delivered a baby?

Yes. I was thinking it would be a C-section after learning there was no heartbeat, but my doctor suggested and recommended a natural birth, so that is what I decided.

How long was delivery?

I started the induction process at about 8PM on day 8 in the hospital and delivered at 8AM on day 9. For a total of about 12 hours (painful contractions for about 3 hours of it before asking for an epidural).

Was your husband there?

Yes. For all 10 days in the hospital.

Did you see the baby?


Did you hold the baby?


Did you have a service for the baby?

We decided on cremation and not doing a service at this time.

How did you get through all of this?

Honestly, not really sure, but I did not really have a choice. I had to roll with the punches and make decisions for myself, my husband, and our future family.

Will it happen again?

We can never be too sure, but the chances are extremely low and we hope it never does happen again.


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