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Chutes & Ladders

Life (in general, not the board game) feels like a massive game of Chutes and Ladders.

You take a chance (via a spinner/dice) to progress through the board game (which in this analogy is life). Along the way, you will find chances of advancing normally, finding a ladder (to skip over some of the board), or finding a chute/slide (to fall back to the beginning or to a previously passed area of the board).

In the game, you can find yourself near the end and be forced back by a slide, letting your opponent beat you to the finish line.

In my life, I was halfway through the game and forced back to the beginning. I was halfway through pregnancy and now I am starting from the beginning.

I have friends that have played this version of the game (pregnancy) a few times and have won. Maybe they have lost a few times before, but they made it to the end to celebrate.

I love watching my loved ones celebrate their victories and successes, but it can be hard watching from the start when I was so close to a successful pregnancy.

Even if I was not comparing myself to the people I know, I feel like I have already seen the board game, I know what to expect. But the fact that I have to play the game again just to get to the end (and most likely not get many ladders) is extremely daunting.

This analogy can be used to compare yourself to people for many different aspects of life. For example, finding love (marriage being the end of the game and goal), career journey (having a stable and well paying job being the end of the game and goal), and so much more.

We are all at different aspects of our own game of Chutes and Ladders. I hope we all have the chance to find more ladders in our paths.


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